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Meet our Entertainers



DJ/MC Kunal is one of the Co-Founders of Desi Beats Entertainment. Entertaining crowds for over 8 years, Kunal is very well known to area function facilities and wedding professionals. Kunal's attention to detail is excellent when working to make your event tailored to your requests. His magnetic personality makes it very easy to make the planning of your event part of the fun and “ROCKIN THE PARTY” is his favorite slogan. His adaptability & extensive musical background enables him to tailor your event to your specific hopes and dreams. With Kunal as your DJ/MC you are guaranteed to have the event you have dreamed of.



DJ Savan is also the Co-Founder of Desi Beats Entertainment. Savan is a natural entertainer. Since 2007, he has been the most impressive and highly sought after DJ around. His electric personality and abundance of energy is so contagious that your party will take on a life of its own! He will deliver any level of entertainment you are looking for. You may want a laid back approach with incredible music sets and beat mixing to energize your event. If props, dances, and costumes are your thing, he has an abundance of fun up his sleeves. From his wide array of knowledge in music genres such as Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Punjabi, Savan will tailor your event to be just what you are looking for.



DJ Dhruv is the newest member of Desi Beats Entertainment. Dhruv has been entertaining for years in venues all over the United States and his talents have not gone unnoticed. From rocking out weddings and receptions to nightclubs and private events all over the tri-state he has the unique ability to mix a variety of music seamlessly. He gets a thrill getting everyone hyped up and feeding off the energy of the crowd to make sure everyone has the time of their lives on the dance floor. If you are looking for someone to make sure everyone is on the dance floor all night long, look no further. Rest assured that with DJ Dhruv behind the turntables, your night is guaranteed to to be a success and your event will definitely set the standard for future occasions!



MC Aakash is one of the newest members of Desi Beats Entertainment. With his unique voice, electrifying personality and several years of experience in the industry under his belt, he is capable of handling any event. He has the ability to get people on their feet and on to the dance floor. Once you hear Aakash take control of the room, you know you're in for a fantastic night. He has a unique way of pleasing the crowd and making jokes from time to time to keep the audience engaged. With MC Aakash hosting your event, your guests are sure to have a fantastic time. 



DJ Vik Slik has been a rising superstar in the Tri-State Somerset area for nearly 10 years. Vik's extravagant mixing and beat matching skills provide charm and cheer to every event he has the privilege to be a part of. No detail is too large or small for a DJ Vik Event. Vik's legendary skillset and knowledge in a variety of genres of music like Bollywood, Hip Hop, Reggae, Soca, House, Edm, Punjabi and much more, will guarantee to get any type of crowd onto the dance floor and move their bodies. If getting wild and crazy at your special event is what you want, then booking DJ Vik is an absolute must!





High-energy, confidence and non-stop crowd interaction - that is what you get with MC Ajun. With experience within the entertainment industry, hosting promotional events and MCing, he brings a versatile approach to being a host, which works with all types of audiences. Arjun believes in understanding the pulse of the audience and then delivering accordingly. Providing professionalism, high energy, and entertainment throughout the event, MC Arjun is sure to keep the crowd entertained and engaged throughout your special occasion!






Zestty is the up and coming EDM and Bollywood producer located in the Philadelphia area. His productions have been instantaneously popular and holds high regard to the quality of detail in his work. Both a master of production and DJ'ing, Zestty incorporates high energy with a brilliant live performance. This energy will be self evident in the productions that make you want to turn the decibels of your stereo even higher, and would be sure to grasp your attention. Classy and tasteful, yet fun and exhilarating; Zestty has been under the watch of the best DJ's around the world that play his tracks for their audiences.




Starting the day off with the baraat or ending the day during a beautiful reception, Dholi Sunny is capable of leading the procession to go into a ceremony or providing extraordinary beats on stage with the DJ. Sunny will play to compliment the music during a reception as well as provide his own live dhol/drum sets to change up the mood of the dancing portion of the parties. Our dhols and drums have microphones built in them so they can directly connect to our sound system. This provides a clean crisp sound that adds an extreme amount of energy to any event. Book your next baraat and reception with our top notch dholi's to rock the party from beginning to end!




Desi Beats Entertainment proudly sponsers our newest event photographer, Ketul Kothari. Owner of Premiere Photography and based off the east coast, Ketul, along with his capable team of photographers, videographers, and cinematographers, have photographed weddings and special events in all types of venues. Premiere Photographers consists of a close knit group of photographers that specialize in creative documentary wedding photography. He is dedicated to giving you photographs that will blow your mind, make your parents proud and your friends jealous. Whether your wedding is in your parents' backyard or on an exotic beach, we want to be there for you. Ketul's attention to detail and scenery have resulted in breath taking photos that have captured the most precious moments in every occassion!


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